What are The Quantum Chronicles?

Welcome to the Quantum Chronicles – a collection of  audio series where riveting fictional time travel stories are interweaved through important real historical events and figures.  The QC story started with “A Year with The Prophet (sws)”  – an amazing 5 season journey featuring Zeyd Binyemeen, who is a young man that travels back in time to witness the life of the most profound and important person in Islamic history – The Prophet Muhammad (sws).  Along the way, Zeyd is confronted with challenges of his own including an antagonist trying to sabotage his journey, problems with the time machine itself and a range of self reflection based upon witnessing the life of the Prophet (sws).
BUT…this was just the beginning! Zeyd and a host of new characters will be traveling throughout time, narrating their Quantum Chronicles.  Get ready to visit Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi, Malcolm X, Jesus (as), Maryam (as) and more!


What Age Groups can listen to The Quantum Chronicles?

Each series will have an Age Rating based upon the nature of the content. We advise parents of younger listeners to listen to the series with their children as some concepts may need elaboration and explanation.  Please note that these series will never feature any profanity or illicit content. The age rating is based upon concepts,  as some concepts (e.g. sociology, belief, philosophy, economics, etc.) require a greater maturity level. and violence level, In addition, there might be some level of violence depicted, as some episodes cover historical battles and modern acts of social injustice. We encourage parents to listen to the episodes first if they are uncertain about whether the content is appropriate for their child


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