Who's Who

Zeyd Binyameen


Abilities: Expertise in History, Computational Biology, Mathematics, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Morphology, Arabic Rhetoric, Quranic Exegesis, Hadith Studies and Islamic Law with a specialization in the Shafi’ Madhab.

Skills: Hafidh of the Qur’an (Hafs ‘an Asim), Currently Training in Mixed Martial Arts with Omar Johnson, Parkour (Hobby).

Languages: English (Mother Tongue)
Arabic (MSA and Leventine Dilelect)
Urdu /Hindi


Origin: Palestinian / Pakistani

First Appearance: A Year with The Prophet (sws) – Episode 1

Dr. Mehmet Rasheed


Abilities: Applied Physics & Materials Science (PhD- Stanford University), Physics (BS – Michigan State University),

Currently CEO of Rasheed Technologies.

Skills: Inventor (with a special interest in Artificial Intelligence),
Photographic Memory,
Rock Climbing (Hobby)

Languages: English (Mother Tongue)



First Appearance: A Year with The Prophet (sws) – Episode 1

Nadia Khan


Abilities: Expertise in Finance, Economics, Psychology, and Comparative Islamic Law with a specialization in Family Law and Financial Transactions

Skills: Hafidha of the Qur’an (Hafs ‘an Asim),Currently training in Mixed Martial Arts, Trained in Advanced Archery

Languages:English (Mother Tongue)
Arabic (MSA and Egyptian Dialect)
Urdu / Hindi

Nationality: UK

Origin: Indian (South Asian)

First Appearance: A Year with The Prophet (sws) – Episode 37


My kids are loving the series!

The only time I ever see them this excited is when they want to play video games.

Maha, Parent

This is truly a creative product that merges Islamic education with an exciting story that keeps our children engaged – they are LOVING it and we are also learning!

Saima, Parent

Baba! When is the next episode coming out? What is going to happen next?

I can’t wait!

Abdur Rahman, Age 10