• What Age Groups can listen to The Quantum Chronicles?
  • Each series will have an Age Rating based upon the nature of the content.  The Age Rating for A Year with The Prophet (sws) (AYP) is 6 years old +. We advise parents of younger listeners to listen to the series with their children as some concepts may need elaboration and explanation.  Please note that these series will never feature any profanity or illicit content. The age rating is based upon concepts (as some concepts, e.g. sociology, belief, philosophy, economics, etc., require a greater maturity level) and violence level (as some episodes will cover elements such as historical battles and modern acts of social injustice).

  • What sources have been used to create the AYP Series?
  • Classical sirah sources, with structure and information based primarily on Sh. Yasir Qadhi’s sirah series.

  • I purchased an Audio Series and downloaded the Soundwise app but the series is not showing up on my app, what do I do?
  • Please email support@mysoundwise.com

  • What is your refund and exchange policy?
  • We accept returns within 30 days of your purchase.  After 30 days have passed we are unable to offer you a refund.   Please note that we are not able to exchange products based upon price fluctuation.