About Us

What are The Quantum Chronicles?

Welcome to the Quantum Chronicles - a collection of  audio series where riveting fictional time travel stories are interwoven through important real historical events and figures.  The QC story started with “A Year with The Prophet (sws)” - An amazing 5 season journey featuring Zeyd Binyemeen, who is a young man that travels back in time to witness the life of the most profound and important person in Islamic history - The Prophet Muhammad (sws).  Along the way, Zeyd is confronted with challenges of his own including an antagonist trying to sabotage his journey, problems with the time machine itself and a range of self reflection based upon witnessing the life of the Prophet (sws).

BUT...this was just the beginning! Zeyd and a host of new characters will be traveling throughout time, narrating their Quantum Chronicles.  Get ready to visit Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi, Malcolm X, Jesus (as), Maryam (as) and more!